1.Are your products completely side-effects free?

We ensure you that all of our products are dermatologically tested, and so, the probability of receiving any form of side effects is quite negligible. Nevertheless, if one is still skeptical of the after effects that might show up, they must use a small amount on a limited portion of skin to be sure. If the impact is neutral, you are good to go.

2.Is there any physical store from where I can currently buy?

No, there is no physical retail store currently. Hence, you will have to buy from online medium only. If that happens in the near future, we will surely inform our users via email.

3.Can I order free samples first? Are they available?

No, there is no availability of free samples yet. Therefore, if you really want to try it then go for a small size/quantity which will require payment. If that suits your needs then you can order for more count/size/quantity.

4.What is the guarantee of my personal data?

We always encapsulate our users’ data so that it remains prevented from getting exposed unless it is necessary such as sharing some of it with our delivery partners to carry successful shipment. Moreover, we also use a protective layer of SSL so that your Credit card information, if shared, remains safe and intact. Kindly read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

5.How many types of shipping you have? Can I also get the tracking URL after the dispatch?

We have Registered and Airmail shipment which requires a different number of days to deliver a parcel. The charges also vary depending on the mode of transmission. Once dispatched, we share the tracking URL so that our users know the details of whereabouts of the package until it reaches the intended doorsteps. If you want to know more about this then please refer our Shipping Policy.

6.What if I don’t get my order after waiting for so many days?

Our shipments require a few days’ time so our buyers need to be patient for a while. However, if it takes more than that then you will have to communicate with us soon as you can so as to resolve the matter. We will look into it immediately to determine what might have gone wrong.

7.After opening the package, I noticed that I received the wrong count/size/quantity/type of products. What shall I do now?

We insist you convey us if any issue arises so that we investigate into it and give you further choice to decide whether you want retransmission of the right products or cancellation as a whole. Kindly read our Return Policy for further details.