Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions, also known as Terms of Use or simply The Terms, are important to mention in order to make our users aware of all kinds of rules and regulations of the website www.winsomecart.com. This is done in advance to avoid possible conflicts if certain issues arise and the involved parties are not aware of what needs to be followed and what needn’t.

These Terms of Use are subject to be changed or altered if need be. Hence, one has to go through them on a regular basis to stay knowledgeable. Your usage of this website determines that you agree with all these Terms & Conditions. If not, please stop using this website immediately. The forthcoming paragraphs provide everything one might need to know.

Age Bar

To begin with, we restrict those who are below 18 years of age. Hence, only those who are adults are allowed to use or make purchases from our website. If you are a minor and still want to use it, take guidance from your parent or guardian.

Import Allowance

Kindly make sure that you have already learned the import policies of your country before making a decision to buy from our site. This will prevent you from possible clashes if your country does not permit importing of specific kinds of products that we sell. If such a case arises and you stay unaware then Winsomecart will not hold any accountability.


The products we display are for over-the-counter usage. This implies that these do not require any registered prescription from a medical professional and can be used along with other ongoing medications as well. However, if you are still suspicious about its aftereffects you must consider taking recommendations from a doctor.

The products that you see on our website may appear slightly variant from the original in terms of color. This is because the graphical display of each device is different which leads to different presentations and that might lead to misunderstanding to some extent. You agree that you won’t claim that you were misled unless there is a significant variation.

Furthermore, we try our best to avoid manual errors as much as possible, yet there might be times that a bug shows up. This can be anything like a product’s information, graphical display, price, and so on. We do not warrant that our website and the information displayed will remain error-free all the time. You accept that you won’t have any trouble for these exceptional cases. If you notice any issue, you may inform us any time and that will be rectified once noticed.

Privacy Terms

We assure our users that their information is always kept confidential. This is done by keeping their personal details safe using proper measures with no sending or sharing unless we have to execute a successful door-delivery of their ordered products. Further, when it comes to Credit card details we become extraordinarily cautious and use SSL technology for multi-layer encryption. For more details, kindly refer to our Privacy Policy.


We get regular feedbacks and most of them are positive. However, it is not necessary that somebody posts only on our site. In fact, it can be numerous other sites where lots of comments can be posted anonymously about our products. Most testimonials are based on real experience, yet there can also exist fake ones simply to put our reputation down. Your decision, whether to buy our products or not, based on reading through the comments will be solely upon you and we won’t be held responsible.


Emails are totally dedicated to communicating with our consumers. We send various types of emails across, such as newsletters, new information about any product, new schemes, order confirmation, tracking URL, and so on. If one does not wish to receive then they have an option to Unsubscribe.

Kindly contact us for more information. You may also refer our FAQ for basic queries. Following is our official address: