Privacy Policy

This fragment contains information about how we collect and make use of our users’ private data. The users are requested to go through all kinds of regulations as this Privacy Policy is subject to change or get altered from time and again. This is to ensure that one remains aware of all the protocols that are set herein.

We collect our users’ basic details in the beginning during the time when they create their account or while they attempt to purchase product(s) from our website. The information typically includes name, address, email, and phone number. The Credit card details, however, are taken only when a confirmed purchase is made and that too is protected using SSL technology with no system of permanent storage.

There are few other types of details that subtly collected without the knowledge of users such as cookies to determine our users’ activities. This helps us to personalize their accounts based on their interests. Through the use of cookies only, the IP address can be taken.

We pledge to never send, distribute or share our users’ details of any kind, partially or wholly, unless they permit us explicitly OR we are to associate ourselves with our delivery partners to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly. This is to make sure that the products are successfully delivered at the right destination.

We use email address to convey important information to our users. This can be anything from order or payment confirmation emails to new products’ launching, newsletters, and special offers. If someone does not want such emails may refrain themselves by clicking on Unsubscribe situated at the end of each mail.

One may contact us for further details or doubts. Following is our official postal address: