Shipping Policy

The Shipping Policy is there to explain what kinds of shipment we deal with, and a number of invited or uninvited scenarios that might occur. In other words, apart from mentioning the types of shipping, we will also discuss how to deal with certain circumstances to avoid possible conflicts. Kindly read the following statements carefully to know everything in detail.

We have two modes of shipping – Registered (default) and Airmail. The average time which is required to deliver a product is 5 days in case of Registered Shipping, whereas 2 to 3 days in Airmail Shipping. The charges in both the cases also vary, which is comparatively cheaper in case of Registered shipment. If someone wants to get their package earlier, they have to select the Airmail shipment option explicitly. The fees in both cases will be added at the end when a buyer checks out for payment.

We process all orders every day except for public holidays and weekends. If an order is made on a holiday then it will be processed the next business day.

Kindly keep in mind that the shipping charges, no matter the type, only includes our services of transmission from our warehouse to your state or country. Once it enters to your periphery, we will not be accountable for any additional fees that the local post office/courier authorities ask as a reason to pay for import or other service charges such as door delivery. If you deny to pay them, they might also refuse to hand over that package to you. We request you to learn the import policies of your country before making a decision for a purchase. This is also helpful to determine whether (or not) your country allows the import of certain kinds of products such as those that we sell.

Furthermore, in order to carry out a successful delivery, always make sure that you or someone else is there to receive the package. If that is not there, it will be kept for a few more days in the post/courier office. Kindly contact us ASAP if that is not there even in the post/courier office because we will have to investigate further about what might have gone wrong.

Sometimes, the situations are beyond control, no matter how rare, which might result in chaos such as those involving governmental issues or natural calamities. The list is countless, yet can be recognized through the level of severity. For instance, floods, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, tornado, civil wars, atomic explosion, curfew, riots, and so on. If such things emerge, it is highly likely that these won’t subside soon and we will be bound to cancel your order with full money refund.

The delivery process may cancel or get delayed if any 'force majeure' case arise. It will not be practical to carry on delivery of products during some unforeseen events like natural calamities, social unrest or epidemic. Usually, we postpone the process and wait for the incidents to recover. If that is not possible, we will stop the procedure and do a refund.

On an account of the current COVID-19 Pandemic condition worldwide, There may be a delay with the orders placed. Hopefully waiting for the world to be a better place again!

If you are still in confusion you are free to contact us any time.