Return Policy

The Return Policy mentioned herein is specifically for those who want to return back the received products and/or claim for refunds. Although we make best efforts in delivering the ordered products in the finest manner as we can, yet possibilities of exceptional cases might happen resulting in dissatisfaction. Kindly read all the forthcoming paragraphs to avoid conflicts.

First and foremost, we accept the returns only if certain circumstances emerge. For instance, if the products are incorrect in some way such as wrong type, count, size or quantity. If our consumer buys something but gets something else is one of the practical reasons why they are privileged to ask for returns. Moreover, if the size or quantity or count does not match with what was originally purchased it is quite obvious that one is eligible for product returns.

No matter how minute or severe the case is, you are always supposed to contact our customer care and it determines through the proof you have provided whether it falls under the criteria of our Return Policy.

We DO NOT support the returns from our consumers if they simply change their mind and want to return back whatever was delivered to them. Another reason for our refusal will be in case of delayed claims. In other words, if someone is approaching us for all the right reasons but fails to do so within a limited time range. In such a case, we cannot help but deny.

There can be another case of product being never received. If this arises, we investigate the matter to look for the possible reasons behind, one of such could also be due to writing incomplete or wrong postal address. If the latter is true, we do not refund the cost price, instead, request for a fresh purchase with the right mailing address.

Kindly return the product in its original form as you received in the first place with no obvious alterations. Else your refund cannot be processed. Once everything is proved to be right, we take immediate actions and the money refund contains the actual cost price of the products that are returned. This means that we do not provide the shipping charges back or any other cost that you paid while packing or handing it over.

Please take note that although we make these cases as priorities of highest order and refund as soon as everything else is settled, the Credit card (originally used for the order) company will most likely take about 15 days to reflect credits in your account. If you do not receive anything even after 15 days then it would be better to contact the concerned authorities to ask for reasons.

Kindly contact us to clarify any doubts or concerns that still persist.