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Face Cream

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This is one of the most adored and esteemed product from the cosmetic brand Atopalm. The Face Cream is a multi-tasking cream that is highly rich in skin antioxidant vitamin E and skin-soothing vitamin B5 ingredients which provide maximum nutrition and moisture required by the skin. This is a very essential product that ensures you visible results.

Product Description:

The Face Cream helps to whiten the skin from within and also bring in an instant glow to the skin. It enhances and improves the elasticity of the skin cells thereby slowing down the ageing process. It also helps in firming up the loose skin and plumps up the dull skin. The cream also hydrates dry skin cells and rejuvenates them. Moreover, the Face Cream helps in brightening the skin tone and reduces the wrinkles and fines lines. The cream also acts a moisturizer shield protecting the skin layers from harmful factors by constantly providing moisture to the skin. It leaves the skin soft and odourless and also the texture of the cream is creamy and absorbs quickly into the skin. The Face Cream is to be used as the basic step of skincare and suits perfectly on every skin type. Take the required amount of cream and start applying on the face in a circular motion. Evenly distribute the cream all over your face and gently massage until absorbed well.


Volume: 35 Milliliter

Suggested Use:

  1. After washing the face, dispense the right amount, and gently apply onto facial and neck skin. 
  2. Pat dry. With a viscous quality that allows easy application on the face, it is easily and gently applied as well as instantly absorbed by skin, thus leaving a refreshing feel. 
  3. It can be reapplied several times, burden-free.

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