• White Lucent Serum

White Lucent Serum

White Lucent Serum

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This is a wonder solution which helps you to revive the health of your skin and prevent it from drying out. The cosmetic house of 9wishes brings to its customers the finest products that are effective and very safe for the skin. 

Product Description:

The White Lucent Serum is a wonder that helps to refresh the skin texture and rejuvenate the skin cells from deep within. The solution is made up of natural ingredients like rice bran extracts which helps to intensive pore care. It helps to tighten the pores and cleans the pores from inside and outside effectively. The White Lucent Serum also provides the right balance of pH levels and makes skin pure and soft. It also prevents skin troubles that are mainly caused by pH imbalances. This is an essential product which helps in deep skin cleansing, sebum and oil control, pore tightening, brightens the skin tone, firms up the skin by an increase in elasticity, and moisturizing the skin effectively. The freshener is free from mineral oil, fragrance, artificial colouring, talc, animal ingredients, and silicone oil. It is light and absorbs well into the skin. For best results, ensure to apply twice a day after cleansing your face. Take just enough quantity on to a cotton bud and gently massage in a circular motion until well absorbed.


Volume: 50 Milliliter

Suggested Use:

Apply appropriate amount onto face as the basic step of skin care routine.

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