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Derma Soothing Cream

Derma Soothing Cream

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An everyday cream yet very essential skincare product is the Derma Soothing Cream from Atopalm. Best to use when the skin is irritated for babies and soothes the rash from the skin.

Product Description:

The Derma Soothing Cream is a moisturizer that helps control the oil content and excess oil in the skin while providing enough hydration to the skin. When the skin gets oily, it further turns dull and damaged. This moisturizing cream helps in removing dark patches, marks and blemishes from the skin and prevents their development. The Derma Soothing Cream provides skin hydration, moisture and increases the skin tone. The cream is mild and instantly helps to soothe the baby skin. The cream comes in a small tube which makes it easy to carry around. The Derma Soothing Cream helps also to soothe the irritated skin and brings down the inflammation caused due to regular use of diapers. The main ingredients are portulaca extract with help in soothing and smoothening irritated skin and providing enough moisture. The cream provides instant long-lasting results. Apply the required amount of gel over your face and pat gently for even penetration.


Volume: 60 Milliliter

Suggested Use:

  1. Skin care tips when using diapers.
  2. When your baby's buttocks are irritated from diaper use, wash and remove pollutants that may cause irritation. 
  3. After washing, dry buttocks well so that skin does not become excessively moist. Then, apply the Atopalm Derma Soothing Cream to keep skin healthy. Use diaper as usual.
  4. Skin care tips to keep baby's buttocks healthy!

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