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Multi Balm

Multi Balm

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The Multi Balm from Atopalm is an all-purpose balm that helps to nourish the skin texture. This is a balm that goes deep inside into the skin and moisturizes the skin cells from within. 

Product Description:

The Multi Balm is a skincare product that helps to control oil secretion in the face and helps to soothe the rough skin and dry skin. It also helps to dilute the fine lines and wrinkles from the skin. The Multi Balm is packed with many natural ingredients that provide for the most effective skin treatment without damaging the skin texture. The Multi Balm provides the required amount of moisture and hydrates the skin from deep within. The main feature of every balm is to help slow down the signs of ageing and rejuvenate and refresh the skin texture. The Multi Balm from Atopalm does just that and gives you the best of results that not only last long but also leaves the skin looking younger and gives in a glow. The Multi Balm is suitable on all skin types and is a daily wear balm. It is light in texture and absorbs well into the skin. Dab small amounts of powder and massage until it is well absorbed into the skin.


Volume: 25 grams

Suggested Use:

This product has many uses and can be applied on any area need. Take an appropriate amount and melt it on your hand with your body temperature. Then apply it on your face, lips, cheeks, hand, elbows and anywhere that it dry or sensitive.

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