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Soothe Your Skin

Soothe Your Skin

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MLE Lotion

Moisturizes? Yes! Stickiness? Zero! Instantly absorbed by skin? A plus! MLE Lotion protect and keep your skin moist. This lotion provides daily care to your sensitive skin as it contains compounds that are same as the ones in your skin. Its non-greasy, quick absorbing formula instantly soothes and relieves sensitive and dry skin. Furthermore, it helps prevent the over evaporation of your skin's own moisture and protects it from environmental stresses.
Cream Massage Oil

Cream Massage Oil is a deep moisturizing, creamy massage oil that melts on skin instantly. Abundant vegetable seed oils help hydrate the skin while MLE (multi-lamellar emulsion) cream creates a protective layer to protect the baby's delicate skin. It is ideal for dry and sensitive skin, and as an added benefit, it contains natural lavender oil that helps relax baby skin.

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