• Blemish Care All-in-One SET

Blemish Care All-in-One SET

Blemish Care All-in-One SET

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Bella monster's Blemish Care All-in-One SET comes in solution pad, solution serum and solution ampoule. The blemish care solution serum infiltrates to the bottom of the skin and effectively relieve the skin from drying fine lines and so on. The powerful anti-ageing properties and the unique blend of natural ingredients provide younger-looking skin and deliver healthy skin too. It moisturises your skin and quickly soothes sensitive skin. It is saturated with calamine extracts which focus on the dry skin and timely repair the problem and reproduce the delicate skin.

Additional Information:

In all in one set, the solution serum contains anti-ageing herbs with the queen of Vitamin C, helps to refine skin tone and the whitening ingredients absorb evenly into the skin, making the skin transparent and radiant. It increases cell renewal process, removes tan and provides hydration. This soothing and moisturising blemish care is skin-friendly, nourish the bottom of the skin rapid penetration and keep moisture for a long time. This is the best product for gifts, especially for your friends. It will provide the best result within a week.

Usage: After cleansing, wipe it off gently and pat it down to absorb it. It helps to clean up the skin as well as whitening. Massage clockwise and anti-clockwise motion until the products get absorbed.


    Oil-free texture
    Soft tender skin with supplement energy
    Lock the skin moisture and make the skin glossy
    Nourish skin
    Prevent dry skin soft and smooth

Suggested Use:

Follow the steps below to make Your Skin Brighter!

    Step 1. Blemish Care Solution Pad
    Step 2. Blemish Care Solution Serum
    Step 3. Blemish Care Solution Ampoule

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