• Green Tea Cleansing Gel-To-Foam

Green Tea Cleansing Gel-To-Foam

Green Tea Cleansing Gel-To-Foam

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The moisture-filled gel texture of the all-in-one gel-to-foam dissolves makeups moistly and cleanses the skin refreshingly with plentiful bubbles.

Beauty green tea containing 16 types of amino acid concentrated 3.5 times and green tea root extract with natural cleanser saponin tend the skin moistly after face washes.

Dissolving makeups and washing the face in one step, the reduced cleansing process reduces the stress taken by the skin.

The gel cleanser without foam presents the moisture to the skin without skin tightening after cleansing.

Suggested Use:

Step 1- Take a moderate amount of the gel on dry hands and massage over your face, rub gently to dissolve makeups.

Step 2- Add water to your hands to lather sufficiently and gently massage one more time then rinse off with lukewarm water, then finish with cold water.

Quantity: 150ml

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