• Jin Youngan Emulsion

Jin Youngan Emulsion

Jin Youngan Emulsion

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A premium nourishing, milky lotion-type emulsion that helps to improve the skin's elasticity, wrinkles, brightness, and moisture level. Absorbs quickly into the skin for a softened finish.


A nourishing, milky lotion-type that softly blends into the skin for enhanced elasticity:
1. Morning and night, apply a moderate amount after ampoule (or toner), following the skin's natural texture.
2. Using the palms of your hands, gently press into the face to lock in moisture.


Combining rare ingredients with the latest technology:
Red ginseng oligosaccharide: red ginseng extract is enriched, purified, and treated with an enzyme at high concentrations to effectively deliver ingredients to the skin
Lutragen: optimal combination of plant ingredients to add moisture and luster to the skin

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